Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stuff Soren Says

Micah's glasses are missing and Soren was the last one who was wearing them...
M: Soren, do you know where my glasses are?
S: Are they in my underwear? (Looks in underwear). NOPE!

At Lake Harriet's public restroom...
S: WOW! I had SO MANY tiny poops! They shot out like a rocket! (And continued to talk the entire time we were in the restroom about how awesome that was).

"To-later" is his favorite way to describe time, a combination of "today" and "later."

"When I get stung by a bee, I think you'll need to call 911." (And thus begins his obsession with calling 911. Like father like son?)

"Mama, you are driving me CRAZY!"
-When Rebekah told him she couldn't watch a show with him because she needed to feed Solveig.

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